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Drugs Addiction Problem

Drugs Addiction Problem

Astrology is a wonderful tool and an exceptional science when looking into the physical, emotional, and mental bodies and their analysis. There are no set rules when discerning an individual’s natal chart for strengths or weaknesses because the entire “organism” must be brought into focus first. So, this method cannot, nor should it be expected to deliver a diagnosis through will considered speculation.

Astrologer Durga Prasad have learned to pay attention to certain patterns or measurements within the natal chart when a person suspects a friend or family member to be predisposed to alcohol and or other drug addictions. Of course Neptune should always be at the forefront when investigating drug and alcohol problems but it is only a “symptom” or rather a clue, there are many more considerations to keep in mind but I will only be able to discuss a very few here.

Astrology play a very important role when sleuthing through the suspected addiction but again, they are only one part to the whole of this story. I am still amazed by the patent refusal to use Astrologers either out of ignorance or laziness that they use this very powerful mantras.